Maintenance Manager, Energicity

Energicity Corp is the leading West African off grid minigrid company with 1.7 MW in operations or under contract. Energicity currently has operations in Sierra Leone- where it won a highly competitive government tender to provide energy services to up to 100,0000 people, and Ghana where it has been in operations since 2015.  Energicity’s value [...]

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Abena Apam had a problem. Business was down. Sales were slow. No one, it seemed, wanted to buy her soft drinks, bottled water, or other goods. Why? With no electricity, Abena could not keep her products cold. Her customers, villagers and workers in the small cocoa farming community of Katapie, in Ghana’s Ashanti Region, wanted [...]

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Press Release: Energicity’s Ghanaian Subsidiary Black Star Energy Ltd. Wins Award At 2nd EDF Pulse Africa competition

On the 23rd of November 2018, a prize-giving ceremony was held in Paris to reward the four winners of the second EDF Pulse Africa competition, the purpose of which is to identify and support African innovators committed to growing the continent’s energy sector. Having attracted 4 times more entries than last year, EDF Pulse Africa [...]

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Press Release: Energicity’s Ghanaian Subsidiary Black Star Energy Ltd. Provides Electricity to Cocoa Farming Community in Rural Ghana through Ghana’s First Licensed Solar Powered Mini-Grid

Black Star Energy Ltd. provides affordable, sustainable electricity to the 125 residents of Affulkrom for the first time in their lives.  1.3 billion people do not have access to grid-powered electricity and an additional 700 million do not have reliable electricity to support their daily lives. The people of Affulkrom are no longer amongst this 2 [...]

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