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1.2 billion people throughout the world do not have access to electricity. An additional 800 million do not have access to enough reliable electricity to fulfill basic requirements of participating in the modern economy including basic household needs of light. Energicity develops solar powered minigrids which provide off-grid communities the energy they need for household needs, entertainment, and community and commercial needs like agricultural processing, and health care. In other words, Energicity provides the energy families and communities need to thrive.

What We Do

  • Energicity builds, owns and operates solar powered minigrids for off grid
    communities with more than 100 households. Our solar powered minigrids
    provide 24 hour electricity to communities using solar and battery storage. The
    company distributes AC electricity to its end customers metered at each
    individual household. Energicity’s electricity is:
  • Affordable – basic electricity service allowing for led lights, cell phone
    charging and hours of television is comparable to the cost of power on
    the national grid and 15-25% of the cost of household expenditures on
    the batteries and kerosene lamps that families used as substitutes.
  • Reliable – Since initiation of service in October of 2015 our minigrids have
    a 99%+ service availability rate.
  • Scalable – Our customers – having received electricity for the first time in
    their lives – use electricity for light, refrigeration, fans, satellite tv’s and
    any other use they desire. Additionally in our projects we provide
    electricity to clinics, cold stores and are looking forward to supporting
    agricultural processing uses.

    • Energicity’s solution includes its proprietary customer information management
      billing and messaging platform. The platform allows its customers to receive bills
      and pay via text message from any cell network in Ghana.
    • As operators of our minigrids, Energicity emphasizes quality construction,
      thorough preventative maintenance, and personal customer service.
  • Energicity through its subsidiary Black Star Energy develops, owns and operates solar powered off grid minigrids in Ghana and has plans to
    expand in throughout West Africa.
  • Black Star Energy