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Energicity SL is looking for a driven, engineer ready to apply their skills to design and build solar microgrids for Sierra Leone and Nigera.

The Engineering Manager role of Energicity plays an integral role in Energicity’s solar minigrid project design ensuring that company is able to deliver the sustainable, affordable, reliable service to our customers that the we are committed to.

If you are a qualified applicant, please send your CV and cover letter to before May 1, 2019.

Energicity SL is seeking an experienced professional to oversee engineering operations and project management across Sierra Leone to ensure projects are delivered on time within budget and help scale operations to connect more customers in a scalable fashion.

The engineering manager should have a good understanding of engineering design specifically in solar projects and project management. We are looking for someone to manage the design and material delivery for projects, development and incorporation of new products or suppliers into our value chain and lead continuous improvement in the quality and cost effectiveness of projects.  The role will be based in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Successful fulfillment of the role will require building and implementing robust engineering operations and procedures.

 Key functions that will this professional will lead:

  • Engineering: The Engineering Manager will complete project documentation from design documents to bill of materials to documenting close out of projects.
  • Project Management and logistics: The professional in this role will involve project management functions for our solar microgrid deployments, including:  scheduling, developing tools to enable the company to meet its pre and post construction milestones, measure results and facilitate a continuous improvement of our operational capabilities
  • Cost Estimation and Budgeting: The engineering manager will conduct cost estimates for projects and track budgets during construction and closeout.
  • Procurement: This role will oversee physical inventory management and ensuring that on-time delivery of materials to site as well as tracking material used during construction to ensure items consumed match project design and estimates. Generating and refining product specifications will also be very important.
  • Quality: The engineering manager will ensure design and quality requirements for materials ordered as well as qualifying vendors and materials and ensuring incoming materials meet necessary requirements. They will also oversee incorporation of new products into our projects both those purchased from vendors and those developed by our internal engineering and construction teams.

Duties include:

  • Overseeing the design, creating bill of materials, cost estimates, and construction budgets for all projects
  • Meeting all milestones for all projects before construction start and providing a notice to proceed
  • Conduct initial site visits and scoping of new villages for PV system planning and grid layout and design.
  • Works with the construction managers to support them on project scheduling and implementation such as creating schedules, maintaining deadlines, resource planning, and communicating issues as they arise
  • Implementation of better project management tools and processes to ensure process improvement and identify areas where improvements can be made
  • Management of close-out of projects ensuring that all documentation is complete and management of BOMs and inventory and requirements for accounting are met and completed by the team
  • Train new engineers in design, estimating, and creating bill of materials for projects

Based on successful delivery of these requirements the person in the role has significant room to grow rapidly within Black Star Energy and the parent Energicity Corp.

The ideal candidate for this role:

  • Ability to draft in Autocad or other equivalent CAD software
  • Familiarity with excel and/or programming for modeling
  • Expertise in either structural engineering with minimum basic understanding of major power engineering concepts or expertise in electrical engineering with a basic understanding of mechanics
  • Bachelors of Science in Engineering in Mechanical, Civil, or Electrical Engineering or equivalent
  • 2+ years of design and engineering experiences of photovoltaics (PV) systems preferred
  • Hands on work with electrical or mechanical construction a plus
  • Has 3+ years of relevant operations or project construction management in a high performing organization
  • Is excited about working in a fast paced, dynamic, entrepreneurial company
  • Has demonstrated ability to structure their own work and perform in environments that require high levels of independence and personal accountability
  • Experience in establishing processes and conducting continuous improvements of processes using statistical metrics
  • Effective written and oral communications with a wide variety of people including team members, stakeholders, and customers
  • Detail oriented

About Energicity

Energicity is a US based company that provides solar powered electricity to rural off grid communities and commercial businesses with operations in Ghana and Sierra Leone  Energicity Corp was founded by Nicole Poindexter, a leader in the energy and smart grid industries from her role as part of the team at Opower that took the company from start up to IPO and a wide ranging track record of success prior to entering the energy sector and Joe Philip, a long time solar industry veteran.

Through its subsidiaries, Energicity has developed 16 solar rural electrification projects providing affordable, reliable, scalable solar powered electricity to cocoa farming communities totaling 1000 residents with significant demand to expand these services. Additionally, the company has a large and growing pipeline of commercial opportunities throughout Ghana as well as in Sierra Leone.   The home office of Energicity SL is in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

The core values of Energicity are:

Excellence – Everything we do must be of the highest quality from building and maintaining solar systems, to our software systems, to our documentation.  We double and triple check our own work and each other’s work.  We take responsibility for making things great; we also take responsibility and fix things immediately with anyone who is impacted if anything is less than great.

Learning – we strive to always be learning as an organization and as individuals.  We are solution oriented in all things.   If there’s a problem, we’re always looking at ways to fix it.  If there’s not a problem, we’re always looking for ways to innovate to be the best we can be.  We set up experiments and tests to try to do things better, we learn when things work, we learn when things don’t.  We aren’t afraid to fail, we ARE afraid not to learn.

Teamwork – we value our team and we value each other.  We have each other’s back.  We communicate when something is working well and on track, we over communicate when something is not working well or on track.  We trust each other and trust that we are all working for the good of the company – and if something isn’t working the way we think it should, the course of action is to communicate, to be solution oriented, and to have each other’s back.

Honor – just as we honor each other, we honor the communities in which we work.  We respect our clients, we respect our stake holders.   We recognize that we are working across multiple cultures and that we try to understand each other’s perspective – knowing that it is our differences that make us the best. We may not always agree with each other, our customers, our stake holders, but at the core of every interaction must be respect.  There is no excuse for ever violating this.