Maintenance Manager, Energicity

Energicity Corp is the leading West African off grid minigrid company with 1.7 MW in operations or under contract.

Energicity currently has operations in Sierra Leone- where it won a highly competitive government tender to provide energy services to up to 100,0000 people, and Ghana where it has been in operations since 2015.  Energicity’s value proposition to our rural customer, living in a community not connected to the grid – is to provide affordable, reliable electricity that is powerful enough to power any household or commercial need.  

Energicity is currently hiring a Maintenance Manager based in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Candidates -especially those who like to work with a great and fun group of people – please  send your CV and cover letter to with Energicity Maintenance Manager as the subject.

The Role: 

The role will consist broadly of managing all technical operations of maintenance of our solar microgrids across our growing portfolio, from managing responses to system outages, to routine maintenance operations, and ensuring customer technical issues are resolved quickly. The role will manage the maintenance personal along with overseeing maintenance of PV generation assets and overseeing expansion of systems to meet growing customer loads. The role will require using our data to quickly diagnose issues and to continuously improve maintenance operations. Successful fulfillment of the role will require developing people, processes and systems and providing leadership to ensure delivery of services to our customers. .  

 Key functions that will this professional will lead:

  • Project Maintenance management: Schedule maintenance personal to conduct regular maintenance from daily to quarterly maintenance activities. Coordinate responses of outages, work to resolve outages with the maintenance team, and as necessary travel to site to solve the issue.
  • Use data to track system performance uptime, issues, ticketing, as well as report out on issues both for tracking uptime and to aid engineering and construction in improve design and construction of systems. Also, use data to drive decisions on where to allocate resources
  • Develop training and maintenance procedures to expand capability of maintenance personnel to respond and fix more issues. Develop and improve issue tracking.
  • Human capital development: As the company will expand our teams at a very rapid pace over the next two years, the professional in the maintenance operations role will work to develop tools and training to onboard new hires into the maintenance organization and into the Energicity culture, processes and tools – ensuring that the employees have the appropriate level of knowledge to do their job and that they continue to grow their capabilities. 

Require Skills for this Role:

  • A deep understanding of PV generation assets, electrical principles, and energy systems analysis  to be able to diagnose system issues.
  • Use of excel and other computer based tools for tracking, monitoring, and analyzing system performance
  • Ability to manage and schedule a number of maintenance techs and coordinate with customer operations clearly and effectively

The ideal candidate for this role:

  • Has more than 3 years of experience with PV system design and/or maintenance or 5 years of experience in design and maintenance of other energy assets such as wind or diesel generators
  • Has 3- 7 years of relevant operations or maintenance, maintenance engineering, or in a technical operations role in a high performing organization
  • Has demonstrated ability to structure their own work and perform in environments that require high levels of independence and personal accountability
  • Exceptional problem solving capabilities – including validating root causes of issues with data and analytics, creating well developed solutions with clearly defined ways to measure outcomes and commitment to continuous improvement
  • Is excited about working in a fast paced, dynamic, entrepreneurial company
  • Experience in establishing processes and conducting continuous improvements of processes using statistical metrics
  • Effective written and oral communications with a wide variety of people including team members, stakeholders, and customers ranging from CEO’s to subsistence farmers
  • Is detail oriented
  • Is aligned with Energicity values of Excellence in everything we do, Teamwork and having each other’s backs, Learning at every opportunity, and Honoring the communities and the people we serve.
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