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National Service with Black Star Energy

Black Star Energy, a developer of solar minigrids to provide power to communities not connected to the grid, is looking for national service personnel to join our team. Black Star Energy currently operates 14 projects in the Ashanti Region of Ghana serving 15 communities with reliable affordable electricity. Black Star Energy’s team bring together leading engineers from the United States and Ghana. As part of its operating practices, Black Star Energy works with local people who live in the communities we serve as masons, carpenters, service technicians and distributors of scratch cards to put wealth back into the communities we serve.

If you are interested, please send your CV and cover letter to before 15 May 2018.

We are looking for personnel to serve in the following roles.

Community  Service – you will be part of our customer operations team, working with community members in explaining our service, solving customer issues and facilitating payments collection. This job requires working in rural communities and closely with customers to understand their needs and develop innovative solutions so Black Star Energy can continuously improve its service.

Project Engineering – Help support engineering by aiding in design of our solar minigrids by completing drawings, bill of quantities, running energy analysis and system sizing. Take part in construction and maintenance of PV systems and data analysis. Help support the build of new prototype equipment and support development of new technologies.

Metering Engineering – Support deployment and maintenance of our metering system which has been developed in house. Learn to program and work with microcontrollers and mesh networks , as well as advanced metering and monitoring. Support development of new metering technologies, including building of meters and other devices.

Procurement and Admin Support – Support our procurement and inventory with logistics in purchasing and delivery of materials to our site. Help with budgeting and accounting and support project planning.