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Manager, Finance and Accounting

The Power Leone Manager, Finance and Accounting will be a versatile leader and manager focused on making a company-wide contribution. The Manager, Finance and Accounting will have the ability to operate strategically with the senior team, providing financial and operational input to help make critical choices as our company evolves.  The Manager Finance and Accounting will structure and implement the tools and processes needed to prepare timely, informative and accurate financial reports and financial projections.  The Manager should have experience operating in a fast-paced startup environment.

Apply by sending your CV with the Subject Line Finance and Accounting Clerk, Power Leone to: hr@energicitycorp.com.

What you’ll do:

Financial Planning and Control: As Manager, Finance and Accounting, you’ll be the driver of our financial controls ensuring that our accounting and other controls enables the needed measurement and reporting for successful implementation of our business.  To be effective in this role, you will be detail oriented, able to get your hands dirty in accounting, and a proactive manager of internal and external support teams.

  • Manage the preparation of monthly financial statements for Power Leone, financial reports, special analyses and information reports
  • Develop finance, accounting and auditing procedures and internal control safeguards (particularly inventory controls)
  • Run monthly payroll including calculation and payment of required taxes
  • Support annual financial audits in Sierra Leone
  • Define and manage budgets and analyze/ forecast cashflow
  • Partner with Engineering/Procurement to deliver complete project close out for Energicity-SL
  • Ensure taxes are filed and paid in all relevant jurisdictions
  • Participate in ensuring the company can provide accurate and timely reporting for purposes of grant compliance
  • Develop relationship with banking institutions and Orange Money to enable best use of their tools for timely and accurate cash management

Business Analysis: The Manager, Finance and Accounting will develop financial analysis to support strategic decision making in the business. To be effective in this role, the Manager, Finance will be data-driven, and an effective communicator.

·         Work with leadership team on pricing strategies and project profitability models ensure company exceeds financial targets.

·         Identify cost control measures

·         Identify critical business metrics, implement reporting processes, and work with operations teams to leverage the analysis for continued improvements in business results.

Reporting: The Manager, Finance and Accounting will work with senior management in preparing investor and board reports


·         Support in the implementation of HR- related processes and initiatives such as employees benefits or employee’s performance reviews framework

·         Coach and develop junior members of the team

What we’re looking for:

·        High levels of comfort developing and managing accounting processes

·        Ability to analyze financial data and prepare financial reports, statements, and projections.

·        Ability to adapt quickly in hyper growth market opportunity

·        The ability to be open, honest and constructive, asking the tough questions about strategy and tactics in order to make the company and team stronger

·        Good judgment: Ability to make effective independent decisions without direction from the rest of the senior team when required

·        Self-starter: Ability to act independently, consistently looking for opportunities to grow and strengthen the company or expand our impact.  Basic qualifications: Four-year degree majoring in accounting, finance, economics or business from a top tier university required along with more than 5 years’ experience in a senior level finance position.  

·      Preferred qualifications: Experience working in US or Europe and work experience in West Africa with the flexibility to navigate different business environments and cultures

CPA or MBA from top tier program preferred, as well as previous experiences in a startup

What you can expect?

·        Being a critical part of a team that directly impacts the future of 10,000’s of people’s lives by providing electricity and the future of planet by providing electricity sustainably. 

·        A team of awesome smart passionate people in the US and West Africa that are mission-driven, fun, and support each other.

What are our values?

Excellence – Everything we do must be of the highest quality from building and maintaining solar systems,  to our software systems, to our documentation. We double and triple check our own work and each  other’s work. We take responsibility for making things great; we also take responsibility and fix things  immediately with anyone who is impacted if anything is less than great.  

Learning – we strive to always be learning as an organization and as individuals. We are solution oriented  in all things. If there’s a problem, we’re always looking at ways to fix it. If there’s not a problem, we’re  always looking for ways to innovate to be the best we can be. We set up experiments and tests to try to  do things better, we learn when things work, we learn when things don’t. We aren’t afraid to fail, we ARE afraid not to learn.  

Teamwork – we value our team and we value each other. We have each other’s back. We communicate  when something is working well and on track, we over communicate when something is not working well  or on track. We trust each other and trust that we are all working for the good of the company

Honor – just as we honor each other, we honor the communities in which we work. We respect our clients, we respect our stakeholders. We recognize that we are working across multiple cultures and  that we try to understand each other’s perspective – knowing that it is our differences that make us the  best. We may not always agree with each other, our customers, our stake holders, but at the core of every interaction must be respect. There is no excuse for ever violating this.