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VP/ Director of Operations

Energicity is the leading provider of electricity to off grid communities through solar powered and hybrid minigrids.  Through our minigrids, Energicity provides reliable, affordable scalable electricity to rural communities so that families and communities can thrive.  There are over 1 billion people in the world who do not have electricity and over 600 million in Africa.  Energicity’s solutions meet this huge need with an economically viable business model with proven results.   Energicity’s current operations are in Ghana and the company recently won a very competitive bid to expand through a government contract into the Sierra Leone.   With raising its Series A, Energicity is actively pursuing opportunities to expand into new countries as well as expanding aggressively in both Ghana and Sierra Leone.

The VP/ Director of Operations for Energicity will lead the following areas of operations for the company and play a critical role in Energicity’s international expansion.   The professional chosen for the role will be an integral part of a tight knit, high powered management team and collaborate fully decisions regarding company strategy. Qualified candidates candidates – especially those who like to work with a great and fun group of team – submit your CV and Cover Letter by email to: careers@energicitycorp.com before March 25th, 2020 with Director of Operations in title.

In the description of the role below, there are a wide range of responsibilities…. leveling up in all these areas will have a dramatic positive impact on our ability to scale.  Given the wide range and for that matter that we are operating in several countries, we are seeking candidates that have deep expertise in one of these areas but in general candidates that thrive on new challenges, new environments with the can do, there is nothing we can’t figure out attitude that characterizes Energicity and it’s subsidiaries culture.

Role Responsibilities

  • Supply chain (including inventory management, warehousing, purchasing and logistics).  You will ensure that our construction teams have the right equipment at the right time in the right location so that the company can meet its ambitious growth goals.  Additionally, you will work with suppliers and engineering to identify ways to improve our cost leadership. The team currently consists of one full time employee with support from engineering and construction teams. A critical goal of the role will be to systematize operations and grow the team to operate at a high levels of reliability
  • Accounting/ Comptroller.  You will hire and oversee and support local Directors of Finance and Accounting and their teams and outsourced accountants to ensure accurate and timely production of monthly and quarterly financial statements. This will include looking for ways to improve and simplify accounting and business processes as the scale of our operations expand.
  • Compliance and reporting: The person in the role will ensure that the company and its subsidiaries are in compliance with laws, licenses, and any grants that the company has received
  • Human Resources and hiring:  The person in the role will develop processes and procedure to ensure our team’s well being and professional growth. Further, in this role lead efforts to ensure we have access to the highest quality local and international talent.
  • Facilities Management (including fleet management):  The person in this role will oversee and support the facilities management teams in each location and develop and implement procedures for efficient running of our offices and our fleet of vehicles.

Qualifications and requirements for the role include

  • Lives and breathes Energicity company values –Excellence, Learning, Teamwork and Honor (see below) — and can be counted on to be a values-based leader and to further an environment that encourages these values for everyone on our teams.
  • Demonstrated track record of excellence in a top organization 1) Supply chain management or 2) Accounting/ Comptroller role or 3) operational management specifically in an company or organization operating in Africa.   Track record of excellence includes at least 5 years experience in the area and transformative results for the organization from the candidate or a team that the candidate has led
  • Excellent problem solver.  Persistent and creative in developing solutions that work in any environment and at the same time the rigor to ensure that solutions are implemented with the consistency needed to scale an organization
  • Well developed project management and project execution skills
  • 10+ years work experience with a university degree or 5+ years work experience with a graduate degree from a top university
  • Very organized and execution oriented.
  • Citizenship of ECOWAS country is a plus, but not required. Must be able to be in the company offices in West Africa at least 75% of the time (e.g. 9 weeks out of 12). Current company offices are in Kumasi, Ghana and Freetown, Sierra Leone.
  • Fluency in French is a plus, but not required,
  • Title and compensation based on level of experience.   Compensation includes salary, MBO based bonus, and equity stake in company.

Energicity corporate values

Excellence – Everything we do must be of the highest quality from building and maintaining solar systems, to our software systems, to our documentation.  We double and triple check our own work and each other’s work.  We take responsibility for making things great; we also take responsibility and fix things immediately with anyone who is impacted if anything is less than great.

Learning – we strive to always be learning as an organization and as individuals.  We are solution oriented in all things.   If there’s a problem, we’re always looking at ways to fix it.  If there’s not a problem, we’re always looking for ways to innovate to be the best we can be.  We set up experiments and tests to try to do things better, we learn when things work, we learn when things don’t.  We aren’t afraid to fail, we ARE afraid not to learn.

Teamwork – we value our team and we value each other.  We have each other’s back.  We communicate when something is working well and on track, we over communicate when something is not working well or on track.  We trust each other and trust that we are all working for the good of the company – and if something isn’t working the way we think it should, the course of action is to communicate, to be solution oriented, and to have each other’s back.

Honor – just as we honor each other, we honor the communities in which we work.  We respect our clients, we respect our stake holders.   We recognize that we are working across multiple cultures and that we try to understand each other’s perspective – knowing that it is our differences that make us the best. We may not always agree with each other, our customers, our stake holders, but at the core of every interaction must be respect.  There is no excuse for ever violating this.