Billing Software Update Request for Proposals

RFP:  Energicity Billing Software Separation and Update

Proposal Due Date:   August 11, 2023


Energicity is requesting proposals from qualified software developers who will upgrade our proprietary software system’s billing capabilities and serve as thought partners throughout the development process. Our current software platform allows for comprehensive customer management, including daily calculation of customers’ electricity consumption.

This system, first developed in 2015, needs to be upgraded to allow us to manage an increasing customer base as the company scales. This upgrade will primarily entail

  1. Separating the billings component from the rest of the platform’s services and allowing the two entities to communicate via API.
  2. Ensuring the new service uses a most-up-to-date language version, and
  3. Building an Estimations Corrections sub-service into this new standalone Billings service to ensure billings are calculated as accurately as possible.

This upgrade will allow us to calculate billings and improve billings functionality more efficiently and provide higher quality services to our growing customer base. For more details, including requirements and the submission template please view the attached document (Word Document and PDF version).

We look forward to reviewing proposals and working with you.

Please contact [email protected] for more details.

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