Energicity Corp is a high growth social impact company, providing the most essential of services – electricity to people who do not have it.

We are one of the leading developers of solar microgrid utilities in Africa, delivering affordable, reliable, scalable electricity to rural off grid families and businesses. Beyond just providing light, Energicity’s electrification services enable rural off grid communities:

  • better health care outcomes with modern health care equipment, vaccines, and light for nighttime procedures
  • significantly increases wealth and opportunity for rural entrepreneurs and smallholder farmers.
  • dramatic improvements in test scores for children in school, and
  • soon e-mobility solutions as well.

Our services lay at the intersection of being a critical solution for climate change and addressing extreme poverty in rural communities in Africa.

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Purpose of the Job:

The Construction Engineer will be a key driver in ensuring the success of construction projects and ensure that they are delivered on time and within budget to provide affordable scalable electricity for our customers. The construction engineer is a link between engineering and construction teams. Therefore, he plays a key role in ensuring high quality, timely and on-budget delivery of projects.

The post holder will be responsible for;

Site selection and permitting

    • Conducts community visits to establish viability of community for solar mini grids.
    • Identifies land sites within new & existing communities for placement of our PV system and or expansion of PV systems.
    • Manages surveying and permitting of land for building a PV system.
    • Works with community stakeholders to ensure there are no issues with the site.
    • Work with the grid supervisor to carry out grid mapping.

    Ensures quality of delivered Construction materials.

    • Request data sheets of requested materials
    • Confirm the conformity of delivered material with the technical specification on data sheets.
    • Manage physical inventory of commissioned sites.

    Manage construction of PV rack, battery rack, fence posts and other local builds.

    • Draw up bills of materials and work with procurement to purchase materials for PV racks, battery racks, fence posts, and other materials that are built locally.
    • Conduct PV rack designs for new PV panels or new battery rack designs.
    • Work with local machine shops to ensure high quality builds of all finished projects.
    • Track material and ensure on time delivery to the site of all racking materials.

    Conduct Quality control Procedures and system performance Test before commissioning sites.

    • Conduct Quality control procedures on both power generation and power distribution part of the system.
    • Conduct performance tests on both power generation and power distribution.

    Assist with engineering procurement activities.

    Person Specification (Professional and Academic).

    • Degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering preferred.
    • Familiarity with energy generation, construction, or electrical wiring a plus
    • Basic understanding of electrical engineering concepts required.
    • Familiarity with photovoltaic (PV) systems a plus

    Follow this link to apply;

    Deadline: 21st July 2023.

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