Junior Portfolio Project Manager (PPM), Energicity – Freetown, Sierra Leone 2023-04-08T22:39:34+00:00

If you are looking for joining one of the leading solar mini grid companies and helping us scale by building efficient Portfolio Project Management Teams that are striving for delivering high quality projects safely with a mindset of continuous improvement across multiple countries, then please apply by filling out this form form before the 20 April 00:00, 2023. 

Energicity is looking for a Junior Portfolio Project Manager (PPM) to take on the challenge of scaling our EPC projects delivery teams to help bring our electricity services to over 100,000 customers across multiple countries within Africa over the next 5 years. The Senior PPM will lead, in a matrix and multidisciplinary organization, teams that deliver high quality solar mini grids that ensure that our customers have light within their homes and electricity services that help their communities thrive. 

Energicity is a leading developer of solar and hybrid mini grid utilities in Africa, delivering affordable, reliable and scalable electricity to rural off grid communities, who have never had electricity before. Through leveraging strategic use of local content and right sized engineering, Energicity, and its subsidiaries Power Leone and Weziza Benin have best in class status among the energy access industry. 

Based on our core capabilities, Energicity is currently deploying mini-grid utilities in concessions in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Benin to serve 100,000 people. Further, the company is developing a new pipeline to develop mini grids to serve another 100,000 people in West Africa in 2023/24. Beyond just providing light, Energicity’s electrification services enable rural off grid communities: 

● Better health care outcomes with modern health care equipment, vaccines and light for night time procedures,

● Dramatic improvements in test scores for children in school, and 

● Significant increases in wealth and opportunity for rural entrepreneurs and smallholder farmers. 

Roles and Responsibilities include : 

As Junior Portfolio Project Manager (Jnr-PPM) you will play, within a matrix organisation, supporting across full responsibility the PPM and VP Project Delivery in planning, executing, controlling and closing our projects in Benin. You will be accountable for specifics such as (but not limited to): 

● Managing the project plan (requires updates daily). 

● Administering all safety concerns, for example: identifying risks and documenting near misses.

● Budget administration and support to cost control, for example: payment reconciliation and preparation for cost-to-completion meetings. 

● Engineering support, for example: Quality Control coordination and review, BOQ review and procurement management. 

● Construction management – management and support of site supervisors and construction managers. 

● Any support and tasks as required by Project VP and Portfolio PM. 

The vision is that within a year you move from junior to senior PPM – and run a programme in a country. 

For this you will closely and proactively collaborate with our Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning teams as well as with our PPM and VP Project Delivery. You will also be responsible for growing and developing in the team towards a role of Portfolio Project Managers in one of our regions as the organization scales across Africa. 

In particular, you will excel in the following areas: 

Activity and Resource Planning: You will be responsible for reviewing the projects’ scope and determining available resources. You will review time estimates and provide inputs to teams’ capabilities. You will lead, with the PPM, to create clear and concise plans to both execute and monitor projects. You and the PPM will make adjustments along the execution as needed before the projects reach their final stage. 

Coordinating and Administrating Projects Teams: You will support the PPM in coordinating and administrating teams and tasks – for example: leading and coordinating minutes in meetings and reports. 

Controlling Time Management: You will monitor deadlines and support the PPM to manage the teams and project delivery. You will support the PPM to define and sequence activities, taking ownership and maintaining schedules, this is in line with the objectives set with our clients. 

Cost Estimating and Budget Development: You will continuously monitor costs, and administer the projects’ budgets with support from the PPM to plan ahead to avoid budget overruns. You will identify costs reduction opportunities over the projects’ life-cycle.

Analysing and Managing Projects Risks and Opportunities: You will be responsible for identifying potential risks and opportunities in support of the PPMs mitigation process and project management schedule. 

Progress Monitoring and Problems Solving: You will support the PPM to continuously monitor projects’ Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and teams’ performance, and support corrective measures accordingly. 

Skills, Capabilities and Experience include: 

● Graduate – Engineering is preferred, anything similar is viable 

● Result Orientation 

● Strong ability to navigate in a matrix and multidisciplinary organisation 

● Strong Analytical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision-Making Capabilities

● Leadership Potential 

● Resilience, Team Mindset, Hands-on, Entrepreneurship 

● Exposure to P6, Primavera or equivalent a bonus 

● Ability to speak French and English with fluency in professional settings a bonus

● Minimum: Some proven project management experience with a preference for experience in the Renewable Energy Sector in Africa, Construction or Mission Critical Opportunities (OR have you initiated an event or programme, at your church or soccer club, and seen it to completion etc) 

The core values of our company are: 

Honor – just as we honor each other, we honor the communities in which we work. We respect our clients, we respect our stakeholders. We recognise that we are working across multiple cultures and that we try to understand each other’s perspective – knowing that it is our differences that make us the best. We may not always agree with each other, our customers, our stakeholders, but at the core of every interaction must be respect. 

Teamwork – we value our team and we value each other. We have each other’s back. We communicate when something is working well and on track, we over communicate when something is not working well or on track. We trust each other and trust that we are all working for the good of the company – and if something isn’t working the way we think it should, the course of action is to communicate, to be solution oriented, and to have each other’s back. 

Learning – we strive to always be learning as an organisation and as individuals. We are solution oriented in all things. If there’s a problem, we’re always looking at ways to fix it. If there’s not a problem, we’re always looking for ways to innovate to be the best we can be. We set up experiments and tests to try to do things better, we learn when things work, we learn when things don’t. We aren’t afraid to fail, we are afraid not to learn. 

Excellence – Everything we do must be of the highest quality from building and maintaining solar systems, to our software systems, to our documentation. We double and triple check our own work and each other’s work. We take responsibility for making things great; we also take responsibility and fix things immediately with anyone who is impacted if anything is less than great.