Procurement Officer & Warehouse Manager

  1. Job title:
    • Procurement Officer & Warehouse Manager
  1. Introduction:
    • Energicity SL Ltd DBA Power Leone is a subsidiary of Energicity Corp one of Africa’s leading solar and hybrid mini-grid developers, builders, and operators, providing low-cost, reliable and modular electricity to off-grid rural communities that have never had electricity before. Our goal is to deliver electrification services to more than 100,000 customers in several African countries over the next 5 years, helping customers get light in their homes, and thrive in their communities.

The company’s core values are: 

  • Honor– just as we honor each other, we honor the communities in which we work. We respect our customers, we respect our stakeholders. We recognize that we work in many cultures and that we try to understand each other’s point of view, knowing that it is our differences that make us the best. We may not always agree with each other, our customers, our stakeholders, but respect must be at the heart of all our interactions.
  • Teamwork– we value our team and we value each other. We support each other. We communicate when something is working well, we communicate when something is not working well. We trust each other and are convinced that we are all working for the good of the company. If something doesn’t work the way we think it does, the course of action is to communicate, to be guided, to be helped.
  • Learning– we strive to always learn as an organization and as individuals. We are constantly looking for solutions. If there is a problem, we are always looking for ways to solve it. If there is no problem, we are always looking for ways to innovate to improve. We are constantly experimenting to do things better, we learn when things work, we learn when things don’t work. We are not afraid to fail, we are afraid not to learn.
  • Excellence– everything we do must be of the highest quality, from engineering to operating our systems. We check our own work and that of others twice or three times. We are convinced that we can make things great and are fully aware of our responsibility in this regard.
  1. Purpose of the Job:
    • POWER LEONE is recruiting a motivated, analytical, dynamic and well-organized
      professional with a proven record of accomplishment and experienced Procurement
      Officer who will be in charge of buying local materials and take on the challenge of
      evolving our warehouse logistics.
    • Within a matrixed, cross-functional organization, this role manages the flow in and out
      of the complex set of materials needed to build high-quality solar mini-grids that
      ensure our customers have light in their homes and power services that help their
      communities thrive. The candidate will work within the Purchasing and Logistics Unit
      and assist the procurement Manager.
    • If you are a qualified candidate, who enjoys working with a group of wonderful, rigorous and fun people, please apply by completing the form on this link
    • Closing date: May 20th, 2023
  1. Responsibility and Competences
    As a Procurement Officer within a matrix organization, you will be responsible for
    planning, executing, and managing how we stock, access, and track materials needed
    for our projects in Sierra Leone.
    You will be responsible for coordinating the activities and operations of the
    warehouse, including these ways:
    • Ensure strict compliance with safety standards: To this end, you will work closely
      with external partners delivering, storing materials in the warehouse; and internal
      teams such as the maintenance and construction teams who remove materials from
      the warehouse.
    • Coordinate inbound and outbound inventory deliveries: you will be responsible for
      overseeing the loading and unloading of deliveries, ensuring proper packaging and
      labeling of collected materials, ensuring that the number of materials matches the
      order documents, processing and coordinating vendor returns, and ensuring the
      accuracy of outbound inventory.
    • Organize storage locations as needed: You will be responsible for sorting inventory
      according to established procedures and marking inventory with identifying
    • Update and maintain inventory database: Your mission will be to track and manage
      inventory through cyclical counts, maintain inventory records and databases, identify
      potential inventory shortages and provide regular inventory reports to management.
    • Coordinate the purchase of new inventory: You will prepare the new purchase and
      approve the request and prepare orders to be picked up by the construction and
      maintenance crews and inspect and ensure the quality of incoming inventory.
    • Risk and Opportunity Management: you will be responsible for identifying, assessing
      and prioritizing risks and opportunities to improve the efficiency of storage and access
      to our critical materials.
    • Progress monitoring and problem resolution: you will continuously monitor defined
      performance indicators and procurement process performance and take appropriate
      corrective action. You will take full leadership in the timely resolution of issues.

Competences and Experience

  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Strong analytical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making skills.
  • Experience with warehouse and inventory management tools is a bonus.
  • Resilience, ability to withstand pressure and ambiguity.
  • Collaborative leadership style with powerful team spirit and coaching ability.
  • Resilience, ability to withstand pressure.
  • Enthusiast, a good communicator, and flexible.
  • Bac +2, 3 years of experience
  • Fluency in English
  • Mastery of classic business communication tools (Office Suite, Google Suite)
  • Self-starter, ability to act independently, consistently looking for opportunities to grow
  • Good background on inventory management and inventory booking
  • Knowledge of the renewable energy market is a plus.


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