Weziza Benin Launch

Energicity Corp (Energicity) commissioned its first 2 mini grids in Benin in October 2022, bringing electricity to over 3000 people and small businesses.  
The Weziza Benin team, Energicity’s subsidiary in Benin, completed construction of the sites at Takpatchiomè and Gougouta communities in the municipality of Azolve, Couffo District.
Weziza Benin also successfully completed a rigorous inspection process conducted by the ABERME (Agence Béninoise d’Electrification Rurale et de Maîtrise de l’Energie).
These projects are the first two of the 20 community mini-grids included in the concession signed by Weziza Benin with the Beninese government in 2021 and funded in part by grants from the Millennium Challenge Account Benin II.

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